An This is Why I Love Bromance!

6a00d8341c730253ef0133f0e44e47970bGay rugby hero Gareth Thomas and hot rugby model Nick Youngquest have been bromantically flirting via tweeter. Not only is this extremely cute but it also contradicts the controversial statement that Jason Akermanis made not to long ago. Here's some of Gareth and Nick conversation.
Gareth: Found out today first hand why pubes are curly.
Nick: Would love you to explain to the real world you tweet on pubic hair? Were you perving on me again? I feel violated!
Gareth: It's you that violated me!! All to figure out that pubic hair is curly so it doesn't poke you in the eye. You dog!!!
And thats not even the good stuff, read the rest HERE. Oh and ps. luv Nick's new furry look!

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